Defense, Intelligence & Security

SpecTIR® Government Solutions (SGS)

SpecTIR Government Solutions supports ongoing signature-related research and development (R&D) and geospatial and imagery analysis for U.S. Government Defense, Security and Intelligence programs. The majority of our work is focused on satisfying the development of advanced spectral analytical capabilities and providing geospatial intelligence solutions through staffing of geospatial/imagery analyst positions located at both U.S and overseas locations. Accomplishments include development of methods for spectral processing, advanced research into geospatial-related database management tools, and direct participation in several high-visibility test and evaluation events using airborne and ground-based HSI remote sensing.

Skills associated with hyperspectral imagery are the basis for SpecTIR’s core capabilities. Access to spectral data from worldwide backgrounds and materials derived varied environments directly support application in the development of intelligence assessments and reports.  Company scientists and analysts provide processing and interpretation of Visible, Near-Infrared (VNIR), Shortwave Infrared (SWIR) hyperspectral data sets from a variety of commercial and government systems and our own ProSpecTIR sensor. We have extensive operational experience and training in processing and analysis of multi-spectral imagery (MSI) data from a wide variety of commercial, national, and tactical sensors.  SpecTIR’s in-depth knowledge and practical application of commercially available and government off the shelf processing tools, combined with in-house developed unique algorithms allows our team to conduct in-depth analysis of a variety of targets in diverse backgrounds.  SpecTIR’s patented Atmospheric correction tools are adapted and optimized for specific customer products.  Innovative concepts are constantly being tested and validated by our scientists.  SpecTIR’s superb ability to process raw/radiance/reflectance data is recognized by clients worldwide.

SpecTIR has developed a capability that makes possible unsupervised, effective and practical high dimensional image fusion and compression. Our goal is to significantly enhance image processing capability and provide a jumpstart on “next generation” methods to process and analyze high dimension images. SpecTIR’s Gaia Toolset performs the image fusion and compression then executes a user-defined feature extraction routine that exports all or selected feature classes into a structurally pre-determined geo-database. The image-based geodatabases maintain the attribute richness associated with the source image making possible very detailed and accurate terrain analysis, prediction models, and trends studies, to name a few.

SGS Advantages

  • Small Business
  • Office located in the National Capital Region (Fairfax, VA)
  • Multiple IDIQ contract vehicles
  • Employees with diverse military backgrounds
  • Ability to deploy personnel to austere locations

Domain Experience

  • Advanced Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Staffing Solutions
  • GIS Staffing Solutions
  • Geospatial Integration
  • Hyperspectral TCPED
  • GPS Data Collection
  • Geospatial Asset Development
  • Imagery & LIDAR Acquisition
  • Planning & Program Management
  • Modeling
  • Application Development
  • Airborne technical imagery test and evaluation support
  • Algorithm development
  • High dimension image and multi-source data fusion
  • Research and development
  • Modeling and simulation products
  • Collection CONOP development
  • Hyperspectral imagery analysis and exploitation training
  • Database Design, Implementation and Conversion
  • Geodatabase Development
  • SDSFIE Migration and Conversion
  • Specialize in web- enabling databases
  • Custom designed applications for unique process flows
  • Knowledge of IC classified networks and IC enterprise functions