SpecTIR is a small business with offices in Fairfax, VA and Reno, NV.

SpecTIR is comprised of two interrelated business divisions that provide across the board expertise in all aspects of remote sensing, from the design of sensors to the delivery of imagery and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) products from any data source:

SpecTIR Remote Sensing (SRS) Division

  • Conducts hyperspectral remote sensing missions on demand. Services include flight planning, data collection and processing,
    and product generation through data analysis.
  • Integrates sensors with platforms for worldwide deployment. Recent missions have included North and South America, as well as Africa.
  • Provides standard calibrated, geo-referenced data sets with 5 nm radiance and reflectance files.

SpecTIR Government Solutions (SGS) Division

  • Provides solutions to difficult analytical and process problem sets.
  • Performs all-source intelligence/fusion analysis, developing advanced GIS products, and consulting for ISR planning and employment.
  • A resource to DoD and the Federal Government for the processing and analysis of remote sensing data.