SpecTIR is committed to a high performance culture and provides an environment that challenges our employees to be remarkable and obtain their full potential. We are an EEO/Affirmative Action Employer that understands the value of diversity and its impact on a high performance culture.


Interested individuals are invited to visit the SpecTIR Career Center for available opportunities and the option to enroll under General Applicant if no positions are currently available. General applicants will be notified when a position meeting their skills and abilities opens.

Mission Statement

To provide exceptional, full-service Remote Sensing and Geospatial Solutions to include systems development and integration; data collection, processing and interpretation, and multi-source products  – to the government and the private sector, foreign and domestic.

A few words from our employees

“I mostly appreciate the smaller company culture. My resources are only a phone call or office away.”
– Justin

“It is an informal work atmosphere. I am known for who I am, not what contract I am associated with.”
– George

A letter from the Chief Executive Officer

Allow me to describe what it is like being part of the exceptional business we call SpecTIR. We get excited about the cause. Whether it is advanced Geospatial Intelligence work supporting our country with defense projects, aiding a foreign government with their environmental baselining, or supporting a multinational mining effort, our employees have the unique opportunity to be engaged in their efforts, be autonomous, get support when sought, and be recognized for their achievement.

We aren’t one of the mega companies, where employees get lost in the bureaucracy. Rather, we know each other by name and talent. We create a flexible work environment where employees are rewarded for putting in as much effort as needed to get a job done. Deeds well done are used to build upon a career path that is stimulating, and not dependent upon the next bid obtainment.

SpecTIR is strongly rooted in the American culture yet internationally connected to the world through our extended network and strong alliances. Our innovation is evident in the way we have adapted our unique hyperspectral and GIS understanding to a wide variety of applications. This ever growing application repertoire and client base allows us to perform our primary goal: bringing leading remote sensing and Geospatial solutions to the commercial and government markets across the globe.

– Mark F. Landers, CEO


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