Advanced Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

SpecTIR Government Solutions (SGS) provides expert geospatial analysis solutions to our clients. From multiple sources of data types, we provide full scope data fusion to government and private sector clientele. Our services are not platform or vendor dependent and we provide a full range of geospatial and hyperspectral services to engage data in support of complex decision analysis. Our value lies in our highly motivated staff that has the flexibility to employ innovative technologies that are best suited to our clients’ own unique requirements.

Supplying accurate and timely information for the decision making process is priority number one with SpecTIR Analytical Services. In both federal and private sector markets, SpecTIR has real world experience in project planning, and the collection of GIS and airborne data, world-wide.


  • All spatially enabled database frameworks are supported
  • Custom database schemas, taxonomies and design documents
  • Rapid sensor\platform\data independent fusion ability
  • Custom geospatial databases and software application development
  • Enables a common environment for integrating data from multi-phenomenology imaging systems


  • GIS and imagery application development and integration
  • Hyperspectral and multispectral image processing and analysis
  • Multisource GIS data fusion
  • Imagery analysis training and support
  • Visualization, modeling and simulation
  • Mission planning and data acquisition
  • Custom GIS database development
  • Web development
  • GPS data collection