SpecTIR is pleased to offer a wide variety of professional training and education services for clients interested in all aspects of remote sensing and spectral data analysis. Our offerings include blocks of training in sensor set-up/installation, aircraft integration, data acquisition planning, remote sensing techniques, raw data processing and conditioning and spectral data analysis.

SpecTIR is experienced at providing tailored classroom and laboratory training to a variety of domestic and international clients at our facilities in Reno, NV and Fairfax, VA, or at the client’s location.

SpecTIR specializes in designing tailored training packages based on client requirements, which may include some or all of the following topics:

  • Executive-Level Orientation on Hyperspectral Imagery Methods and Uses
  • Hyperspectral Theory
  • How AISA Sensors Work
  • Sensor Suite Integration and Installation (Mobile / Fixed Installations)
  • Sensor System Operations (AISA Airborne Systems)
  • Mission and Flight Operations Planning
  • GPS / INS Navigation System Operations
  • Data Processing
  • Data Analysis
  • Tactical Spectral Imagery Training

Authorized ENVI Training Center

SpecTIR is an authorized ENVI Training Center and re-seller of the ENVI line of image processing software, providing highly-specialized services and training in support of our worldwide Hyperspectral Services and the AISA sensor system in the areas of:

  • Specialized Concept of Operations (CONOPS)
    and Tailored Mission Development

    • Specialized Data Analysis Services
    • Detailed Analysis of Client-specified Data Sets
    • Training in Field Survey Operations and Campaign Planning
    • Client IT Integration and Data Storage Requirements
  • Periodic Calibration Services and Support
    • Flight Planning and Flight Operations Specialized Software Applications/Equipment
    • Integrated Logistics and Maintenance Support
  • Engineering Support Services Related to Specialty Applications Such as:
    • Photogrammetric Mounts
    • Sensor Installation in Pressurized Aircraft