Data Analysis

Analysis courtesy of Dr. Dave Coulter

At SpecTIR, solutions are not tied to any platform or imagery source. The well trained staff is highly motivated, and has the experience and flexibility required to provide our clients with innovative solutions to their problems.

SpecTIR personnel range from remote sensing specialists to spectral scientists with remote sensing subject matter expertise in such fields as geology, forestry, agriculture, and water quality. SpecTIR offers a full array of data analysis services for the processing and exploitation of imagery and geodatabases.

SpecTIR Remote Sensing (SRS) division is professionally staffed by technical personnel with experience in:

Advanced Imagery Analytical Support
Imagery Analysis Training and Support
Multi-Source Data Fusion
Advanced Geospatial Information Applications
Visualization, Modeling and Simulations

Additionally, SpecTIR Government Solutions (SGS) Division in Fairfax, Virginia provides all-source data and fusion analysis, developing/providing Advanced Geographic Information Systems (GIS) products, and consulting for various client required planning and deployment. An Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance (ISR) capability is incorporated into the SGS division to provide consulting and direct technical/operational support to national and international efforts. The ISR section focuses on key issues drawing on a cadre of hand-picked analysts and subject matter experts (SMEs) with recent and extensive operational and staff experience.