SpecTIR’s history in hyperspectral data collections and operations has led to a wealth of experience in radiometric and spectral calibration. Our knowledge of this intricate yet crucial step to obtaining reliable and meaningful remote sensing data allows us to offer sensor calibration as one of our many services.

Located in Reno, Nevada, our lab is equipped with advanced, precisely maintained calibration instruments, operated by highly skilled technicians.

Radiometric calibration is provided through the use of a Labsphere USS-2000-V uniform light source. This 20-inch diameter integrating sphere is capable of variable luminance output from 0 to 4000 foot-lamberts with a measured uniformity >98% over the entire 8-inch exit port. This sphere carries a NIST-traceable spectral radiance calibration from 400 nm to 2500 nm at a sampling interval of 5 nm, certified to within +/- 5% of absolute radiance.

Wavelength calibration is provided by an Oriel Cornerstone 130 1/8m monochromator. This automated, computer-controlled instrument provides calibrated and repeatable wavelength outputs of 1 nm channels in the VNIR and 3 nm channels in the SWIR range. The central wavelength locations of these outputs are known and certified accurate within 0.5 nm.


Calibration and Data Processing Overview [pdf]