SpecTIR Product Line

SpecTIR represents, sells and supports Specim AISA Airborne systems.

AisaFENIX 1k Sensor

The AisaFENIX 1K hyperspectral sensor with 1024 spatial pixels takes the productivity of hyperspectral imaging to an entirely new level. It produces the same top quality full spectrum hyperspectral data as does its forerunner, AisaFENIX and, at the same time, reduces the flight costs by 60 %, because less flight lines are required.

AisaIBIS Sensor

AisaIBIS is a robust and very high spectral resolution hyperspectral imager for ground and airborne measurement of sun induced fluorescence from plants.

AisaFENIX Sensor

AisaFENIX delivers the highest quality hyperspectral data available in VNIR, NIR, and SWIR wavelengths (380 nm – 2 500 nm) in a single continuous image. As the AisaFENIX offers extreme ruggedness and 75% reduction in size and weight, it can also be fitted in turrets and medium sized UAVs.

AisaKESTREL Sensor

AisaKESTREL, the first professional quality hyperspectral sensor range, is intended for UAV’s and other platforms of limited payload size. AisaKESTREL 10 (400 – 1 000 nm) and AisaKESTREL 16 (600 – 1 640 nm) are built to the same strictest data quality requirements as Specim’s world renowned AisaEAGLE and AisaFENIX sensors.


Specim’s high performance thermal airborne hyperspectral sensor AisaOWL covers the full spectral range 7.5 to 12.5 µm and acquires full, contiguous hyperspectral data with 84 spectral channels and 384 swath pixels.


SpecTIR’s ProSpecTIR-VS system is not an Aisa product. It utilizes the AisaEAGLE and AisaHAWK sensor heads but all other components are customized and/or proprietary to SpecTIR. SpecTIR does not offer for sale, as of now, the ProSpecTIR DUAL system. It is used only for SpecTIR collection operations worldwide. The VS is the most tested and best performing hyperspectral imaging instruments commercially available anywhere.

The differences between the AisaDUAL and the ProSpecTIR VS are:

  • Proprietary data acquisition board and data acquisition software which allows SpecTIR to operate both sensor heads from a single data acquisition computer;
  • SpecTIR funded development to customize the navigation integration of SpecTIR’s preferred INS system, the Novatel SPAN and SPAN CPT.
  • SpecTIR proprietary data calibration and processing software developed in-house. This includes all batch processing of radiometric corrections and navigation.
  • SpecTIR is currently operating 4 of these systems worldwide.

Product Sales Sheets

AisaFENIX 1k: Hyperspectral Sensor
AisaIBIS: Hyperspectral Sensor
AisaFENIX : Hyperspectral Sensor
AisaKESTREL : Hyperspectral Sensor
AisaOWL : Hyperspectral Sensor